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TriActive America, Inc.

TriActive America started the outdoor fitness equipment industry in the United States in 2003. Our equipment has been installed in more than 475 locations throughout North America.

We manufacture more than 55 different products in 4 different lines of equipment.

Made in California TriActive America, Inc.

Manufacturer Profile

Company Name:

TriActive America, Inc.


Sporting & Athletic Goods


Grover Beach, CA

Contact Person:

Yancy Young, Director of Marketing

Phone Number:

(805) 595-1005



Website Address:


Catalog Link:


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Featured Products

  • Made in California Manufacturer TriActive America, Inc. eLine

    TriActive America’s premier outdoor fitness equipment is the eLine®.


  • Made in California Manufacturer TriActive America, Inc. General

    TriActive exercise equipment installs easily in parks, along trails, or any outdoor environment.


  • Made in Califonria Manufacturer TriActive America, Inc. Wheelchair Accessible

    The Wheelchair Accessible equipment was designed in collaboration with the V.A. to help rehabilitate returning wounded soldiers.


Products & Services

The premium E-Line Fitness Equipment and TriActive Fitness Equipment concentrate on strength, cardio, balance, and flexibility fitness and training. The new Wheelchair-Accessible Equipment and E-Shade Equipment round out our offerings.

Manufacturing Processes

Steel tube fabrication, welding, powder coating and assembly.

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