Jim Watson, President & CEO, featured in the International Trade Career Pathways Video Series

Small Manufacturing and the Importance of MEP

Jim Watson speaks on operational efficiency in the California Centers for International Trade Development (CITD) Certified Global Business Professional (CGBP) Career Pathways Video Series.

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Creating Solutions for California Manufacturers

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CMTC® offers manufacturing solutions for growth and profitability for all types and sizes of industries. From small to large manufacturers you can choose from a variety of solutions to fit your needs.

A Trusted Business Advisor Providing Tailored Manufacturing Solutions

CMTC offers consulting solutions and manufacturing services for large companies as well as small. Our industry experts work closely with Southern California manufacturers to help prepare them to compete at a higher level in the changing global marketplace. We provide “hands-on” manufacturing consulting solutions throughout your company, working with top management down to the shop floor. Our clients have come to think of us as trusted business advisors and consulting partners dedicated to their success.

We use a continuous improvement engagement methodology to build a culture receptive to change with a focus on sustaining improvements long term. Our consultants utilize proven tools and techniques to implement a broad range of consulting services including; organizational change, Lean-Six-Sigma, quality management, supply chain, information technology, export, energy and growth.  

For a complete outline of our engagement methodology, please visit CMTC Advantage.

For our manufacturing consulting services please visit our CMTC Services page.

For information about our program for small manufacturers, visit the California Manufacturers Advantage Program.

Manufacturing Services for Top Industry Sectors

California is home to many major industries including Aerospace & Defense, Automotive and Food Processing. Our consultants, who average more than 25 years of experience in these industries, have the expertise to handle the critical needs of manufacturers in Southern California’s key industries. We understand what makes each industry different and what it takes to provide targeted consulting services to maximize impact and client satisfaction. We have exceeded the expectations of hundreds of customers with our unique approach to problem solving.

Consulting Solutions Customized for California Manufacturers
by Regional Service Area

Business environments are not all the same. From region to region factors such as local economies, regulation and access to capital can affect the way manufacturers do business.

Our teams are organized regionally throughout Southern California so whether you are located in Fresno, San Diego or anywhere in between, we have consultants available to meet your needs. Having local assistance ensures that we are active in the community, current on local issues with access to local partnerships that can augment our services.

Proprietary Energy Services

Growing your manufacturing operation often means finding ways to effectively manage ever-increasing costs. With escalating electricity and gas costs, California manufacturers are looking for ways to use energy more efficiently.

CMTC® provides a unique program to reduce energy costs for manufacturers. Our proprietary Energy Services has saved millions of kilowatt hours and therms for Southern California manufacturers. CMTC has services specifically designed to assess and improve manufacturing energy consumption, throughout a facility, and in the use of equipment increasing overall manufacturing sustainability. 

If you would like more information on CMTC's Consulting Services, please contact Ellen McKewen at 310-263-3018, or email emckewen@cmtc.com.