ADF Visual

ADF Visual, located in Rancho Dominguez, CA has been producing custom commercial audiovisual (AV) structures for display screens since the facility opened in 1993. With annual sales of $4.5 million and 29 employees, ADF Visual enjoys a solid reputation for creatively meeting their customers’ visual display needs.


ADF Visual sells 80-90% of its product through one business-to-business sales channel and which has resulted in strong historical sales revenue.  CMTC and ADF Visual’s management recognized the company’s need to have more product and sales diversification. Every product is custom made, but they wanted to create standard products that could be manufactured at a steady run rate to balance their product offerings and utilize evening production hours. 


In September, 2012, ADF Visuals contracted with CMTC to conduct an Innovation project to help them create a new product that could be produced in addition to their custom products. The large 80” TVs sold at large warehouse stores weigh approximately 100 pounds and were cumbersome and dangerous for the typical homeowner to lift and mount on the wall. The goal was to develop a new mounting device for these flat screens that was aesthetically pleasing, did not require an installation contractor, and could be mounted within a half hour. A myriad of ideas were created and ranked on their commercial potential. The innovation process is a rapid cycle of “create, evaluate and choose.” This process gave the company a pipeline of new ideas from which to build upon for future opportunities. The final product concept was a mounting system that stabilized the monitor’s weight and allowed for safe homeowner installation and was aesthetically pleasing. The fabrication of the new product utilized the company’s existing production line that allowed them to sell directly to consumers. The project was completed in July 2013 and they plan to market the new product in the coming year.

“Thanks to the tools and techniques that CMTC introduced us to during the Innovation process, we now have a higher level of creativity that we will use to better serve our customers.”

--Ed Wamer

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