Ecliptic Enterprises (TDMI)

Ecliptic Enterprises Corporation (Ecliptic) was founded in 2001 as a manufacturer of video and imaging systems for use on rockets and spacecraft. Since then, they have expanded their product offerings to include the production of space avionics and sensor systems to control experiments onboard rockets, orbital spacecraft (satellites) and the International Space Station. Ecliptic’s video systems are the leading brand used in U.S. commercial, military and civil space missions. Ecliptic is based in Pasadena, CA and employs 14 workers.


Ecliptic desired to focus their varied sales and marketing ideas to determine which current and future markets could provide the most potential for growth. They wanted to expand their business that had been primarily focused on video systems for space applications, space avionics and sensor systems. They also wanted to develop and execute a sustainable business model that incorporated the technical and market changes that are occurring in the civil and commercial space markets.


CMTC met with Ecliptic’s senior staff with a plan to identify and clarify the organization’s sales and marketing strategies. A Technology Driven Market Intelligence (TDMI) engagement was proposed as the methodology to be used to assist in clarifying business priorities and to outline a strategy and action plan to be executed.

The project focused on completing a needs analysis, performing primary/secondary market research, and conducting a strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) analysis. Through a structured process of research and interviews, the TDMI engagement helped Ecliptic identify and characterize the markets, trends, value chains, competition and companies of most interest and relevance to Ecliptic; detail prevailing technical performance and user requirements and assessing how well Ecliptic’s assets could meet those requirements; describe the best options for moving forward with product development, partnering and market entry; and determine if Ecliptic had key knowledge gaps such as regulatory, intellectual, property or competitive issues.

By the completion of the project, CMTC consultants and Ecliptic were able to identify which technology assets Ecliptic should focus on for future marketing and sales efforts, as well as clarify Ecliptic’s Unique Sales Proposition. It was also determined that spacecraft applications would be the most promising market segment for Ecliptic and recommendations were developed for which spacecraft products Ecliptic should focus on. CMTC consultants also outlined an approach for Ecliptic to use to source new space business customers and opportunities. 

“Because of our engagement with CMTC, we now have a much better idea about how we can double our size in two years and double again five years from now. We have a better appreciation of our current marketplace, potential markets, how our current and future products fit into these markets and how we might approach increasing sales.”

- Rex Ridenoure, CEO

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