Case Studies

Summaries of a few of our recent manufacturing case studies.



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Klatch Coffee

In April 2018, Klatch Coffee partnered with CMTC to analyze and develop programs to spur online and in-store sales. A social media solution was proposed to attract new customers and retain existing clients. An e-commerce platform was implemented to update the look, feel and usability of the Klatch Coffee website. The implementation and launch of the new website provided Klatch Coffee the opportunity to have one unified platform to run their online business, develop a customized online store, manage products and inventory and fulfill online orders and subscriptions.

In addition, through the use of the new e-commerce platform Klatch Coffee management was now able to track sales, analyze growth trends and improve the use of subscription orders. The plan also worked to:

  • Improve website search engine ...

ADF Visual Display Products

CMTC developed a welding workshop series for operators to improve their knowledge and skills in welding processes, welding code acceptance criteria and welding process troubleshooting. The workshop series began in April, 2018, and was scheduled weekly over the course of a month. The workshops provided training on welding processes theory and specific instruction on Gas Metal Arc Welding (MIG) processes and Flux Core Arc Welding gas shielded (FCAW­S) processes. Classroom instruction was combined with hands-on training with welding technique demonstrations. Group and individual coaching was also provided through guided practice sessions. Certification testing took place at the end of the second and fourth workshops.



The ...

DaMar Plastics

CMTC worked with DaMar Plastics, between 2015 and 2018, in a number of areas and on several projects, beginning with assistance in developing a strategic roadmap to detail a prescriptive path forward. The method used was Hoshin Kanri, a 7-step process used in strategic planning in which strategic goals are communicated throughout the company and then put into action. Hoshin Kanri is a top-down approach, with the goals being mandated by management and the implementation being performed by employees. As a result, systems needed to be in place to ensure that objectives from senior management were effectively communicated throughout the organization.


CMTC also assisted DaMar Plastics in leveraging a series of no-cost electrical infrastructure upgrades offered by local utility providers, ...

M&R Engineering

CMTC began the project with M&R Engineering in June, 2018 to discuss the pre-audit of the changes needed to comply with AS9100:2016 (Rev. D) and the training and coaching on documentation development. CMTC provided all the necessary project planning, consulting expertise, training, support and materials to develop and implement the required changes throughout the organization. A seven step plan was implemented in order to achieve AS9100:2016 (Rev. D) certification:

  1. Creation/Modification of Management System Documentation
  2. Documentation Training
  3. Implementation Training
  4. Internal Audit Training
  5. Correcting Internal Audit Findings Training
  6. Management Review Training
  7. Project Close-out & NIST MEP Client Survey Review

The two main ...

Unity Clothing

CMTC began the project with Unity Clothing in August, 2018 to discuss the identification of growth opportunities through the development of a strategic business and manufacturing roadmap.

The CMTC team used a combination of best practices in technology/product roadmapping, process management, Hoshin Kanri, root cause analysis, strategic analysis, 360 degree view of the customer, market management and contingency planning to get to the desired end state. The key deliverable was a strategic business roadmap. Some of the questions that needed to be answered were:

  1. Who are Unity Clothing’s customers?
  2. What do Unity Clothing’s customers need?
  3. What is Unity Clothing’s current state and how best can it predict the future business ecosystem?
  4. Does Unity Clothing have the right ...