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Omegasonics is a manufacturer of Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment. Established in 1996 as S & F Sonics, Inc., the company began with manufacturing blind cleaning equipment and eventually expanded into all markets involved in cleaning. This is a green company as the equipment uses sound waves to clean components with bio-degradable soaps, eliminating the need for harsh hazardous chemicals to clean components.

Products and Services

Our area of expertise is cleaning various products. We offer classes and certification certificates for Restoration Cleaning. We have patents on our power generators which allow the generators input voltage to switch from 120VAC or 240VAC automatically.

Manufacturing Processes

We mostly do design and assembly at our local facility. We use different metal fabricators in Southern California for all our metal fabrication processes.

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Company Name: Omegasonics

Category: Industrial Machinery

Location: Simi Valley

Contact Person: Frank Pedeflous

Phone: 805-583-0875

Email: @



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