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Purewick Corporation

PureWick Inc. is dedicated to the promotion of a patented, non-invasive, Class 1 exempt medical device that captures urine from adult females, especially designed to address the needs of incontinent patients.

Our vision is to provide an innovative solution for the 25 million adults in the U.S. that suffer from urinary incontinence.


Products and Services

PureWick is an innovative device that provides a new solution for female urinary incontinence. With more than 25 million adults suffering from this problem, PureWick can provide a simple, safe, and comfortable alternative, while reducing the need for traditional urinary catheter use, the leading cause for various other urinary health problems.

A flexible, contoured tube (a “Wick”) is comfortably positioned against the area where urine exits the body. A slight vacuum (not felt by the user) captures urine in the tube. From there, urine moves through vinyl tubing until it reaches a storage jar, away from the body.

Manufacturing Processes

Machining, Assembly.

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Company Name: Purewick Corporation

Category: Medical

Location: Spring Valley, CA

Contact Person: Lori Hennessey

Phone: 619-660-0734

Email: @



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