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S. Bravo Systems

S. Bravo Systems is a certified woman-owned and Made in the USA accredited manufacturer of high performance secondary containment systems for the petroleum equipment industry. Bravo provides products and support that incorporate innovative engineering, industry feedback and unrivaled customer service to deliver solutions that save you money.

Bravo is known for developing products that solve customer issues, significantly reduce overall costs and help achieve rapid ROI. Our company produces SingleWall and DoubleWall containment sumps in both steel and fiberglass including, dispenser sumps, tank /turbine sumps, transition sumps, and above ground /marina sumps. 

Other products include our Dispenser Conversion Frame, F-Series FRP entry fittings, retrofit FRP tank sump covers and entry fittings, DoubleWall FRP spill buckets, swivel adapters and more.

All Bravo fiberglass components are made from tank-spec materials. Our sumps and entry fittings are 100% compatible -not resistant- with all fuels up to E100 and B100, including DEF.

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Company Name: S. Bravo Systems

Category: Petroleum & Coal Products

Location: Commerce, CA

Contact Person: Jonathan E. Smith

Phone: (800) AT-BRAVO

Email: @


Featured Products


B-407 Series Tank Sump


B-600 Series Transition Sump


B-7000 Series Under Dispenser Containment Sump

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