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Uprise Energy

Uprise Energy has developed the world's first commercially sized mobile wind turbine. Uprise Energy is also a CONNECT Most Innovative Product Award finalist in the Cleantech Category.

Products and Services

Uprise Energy's foray into the wind industry came in the mid-90s, when John Knight's renowned yacht company, Knight & Carver Yachtcenter (K&C), was approached to develop a solution for serial blade failures that plagued existing wind turbines around the globe.

Leveraging over 30 years of advanced composite experience, K&C was successful in developing a solution for thousands of inferior wind blades. In the process, K&C pioneered innovative blade construction and testing techniques that lead to the development of the SANDIA Labs certified, top-performing STAR Blade®.

Through these years of experience, Knight developed a deep appreciation for the constraints inherent in traditional wind turbines and used his aptitude as a creative engineer to develop a number of smart solutions.

The result of this lucrative effort is the Uprise Energy Mobile Power Station, a product Knight sees as his crowning achievement.

Manufacturing Processes

Design, cut, measure, welding, painting, sanding, electrical

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Company Name: Uprise Energy

Category: Engineering Services

Location: San Diego

Contact Person: Rosa Knight

Phone: (619) 405-5776

Email: @


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Company News

Uprise Energy named as a finalist in Connect San Diego's 32nd annual Most Innovative New Product Awards for 2019.


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