Peer Council

An Executive Round Table for California's Manufacturing Industry

What is a Peer Council?

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2017 CMTC Peer Council Logo 103117If you're a C-level manufacturing executive seeking to collaborate with like-minded, high-caliber individuals to discuss strategies and tactics available to overcome many of the hard-pressing issues facing California's manufacturers today, Peer Council is for you. Peer Council groups consist of 8-12 representatives from non-competing manufacturers. Each member represents their particular industry (e.g. food industry, aerospace, plastics, fabricated metals, etc.) meaning, if another company from the same industry is already a member of a Peer Council, you will not be able to join that particular council.

Monthly Peer Council meetings are currently underway at pre-selected locations in:

  • The Inland Empire - Contact Client Advisor Cynthia Amador Diaz to learn about joining this location
  • San Fernando Valley - Contact Client Advisor Doug Waterman to learn about joining this location

Each meeting is professionally moderated and is followed by a light meal. We're currently seeking to develop Peer Councils in:

  • Orange County 
  • San Diego
  • Los Angeles
  • Ventura
  • Fresno
  • Palm Springs
  • Corona
  • Victorville

If you are a manufacturer in any of these areas, including those already established, please complete the form below.  

What Are my Commitments?

By joining a Peer Council group you will have the ability to connect with a tight-knit group of manufacturers to share success stories, propose challenges for group review, and gain insights into solutions and strategies used by other manufacturing leaders. Because collaboration is such a vital element of the Council's success, the following commitments are expected of each member: 

  • Attend monthly meetings
  • Contribution of knowledge, experience and skills to the discussion
  • Review and discuss qualifications of potential new members
  • Adoption of a set of operating principles

How Do I Join?

To take advantage of this exciting opportunity, please complete the form below. Following your form submission, your qualification form will be sent to the facilitator organizing Peer Councils within your geographic region for review. The facilitator may contact you for clarification and further information. To ensure value to its members, a quarterly membership fee is charged; however, the exact fee may differ depending on the venue, food costs, and the facilitator. 

The Power of Convening: Peer Council During the Pandemic

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