Facebook for manufacturersHello California manufacturers and welcome to Part 2 of our social media for manufacturers blog series! In Part 1 of our series, we tackled the importance of joining LinkedIn. Click here to read that entry in case you are interested. 

Today, we’re discussing Facebook. You’ve probably heard a lot about Facebook and perhaps have even seen the Facebook movie that was released a couple of years ago. Many people use Facebook for personal reasons. However, there are business purposes for Facebook.

Facebook is important for manufacturers to leverage because of the prominent role it plays in society. You can combine the populations of Japan, Russia, Nigeria and Turkey…and it still wouldn’t hit the number of Facebook users. To be clear, Facebook isn’t just a generational tool. 

From 2011 to 2014, the fastest growing demographic on Facebook is adults aged 55+…this group grew more than 80% during this time! Adults between 35-54 were the second fastest growing demographic and grew 41.4% percent.

Manufacturers can mainly take advantage through the use of Company Pages. It’s a great way to get found, strengthen relationships and nurture leads. Here are five ways organizations can increase the effectiveness of their pages: 

1)     Provide Useful Information – Don’t use your Facebook Page to be entirely self-promotional; it turns people away. Instead, give your audience valuable content and incentives to keep following your page.

2)     Personalize Your Page and Showcase your Products – This is your opportunity to show off the “personality” of your company. As long as it’s still on the professional side, include photos from staff events and have a little fun with your wall posts. Showing how people can use your products can help spur interest.

3)     Drive Traffic To Your Website – Find opportunities to link wall posts, notes and discussions back to your website. This increases web traffic and higher rankings in search engine results.

4)     Consistently Update – If you think you’re just going to create a page and magically get more business, think again. While Facebook doesn’t cost money, it is a time investment. Designate time to consistently update your site to keep your followers interested or outsource this function to a business partner.

5)     Engage your audience – Facebook isn’t meant to be a one-way communication tool. Encourage your followers to participate in discussions and always respond to both positive and negative feedback.

Facebook and other social media sites are becoming powerful marketing and sales tools for branding, networking and lead nurturing. Take the time to embrace Facebook and help connect with new prospects!

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