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Manufacturing Day Arrives October 4: How to Host or Participate in an Event

Manufacturers across the country are preparing for Manufacturing Day® 2019, or MFG Day. Arriving October 4 this year, MFG Day is designed to inspire and recruit the next generation of manufacturers.

The annual event began in 2012 and was created to dispel the notion that all manufacturing jobs are “dark, dirty, and dangerous,” and to show students, businesspeople, politicians, and the media that manufacturing offers some of the most exciting and innovative work environments around. 

This is vital for recruitment, which is of importance as many manufacturing facilities lose seasoned workers to retirement.

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GO-Biz Partners with CMTC to Promote ‘CA Made’ Manufacturing Labeling Program

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CMTC Impact Report

CMTC 2018 Impact Report

CMTC, California’s Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) Center, provided solutions to improve the growth and profitability of more than 1,000 small and medium-sized manufacturers in 2018.
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Made in CA Featured Manufacturers

Featured Manufacturers of the Week

Each week we highlight our Made in CA manufacturers who are part of the program. Manufacturers are selected based on when they joined the program. 
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Ready to Join The Revolution?

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is still in its early stages, but it has already begun to change the way we live and work. Its impact on society is going to be enormous, with experts predicting the industry to reach $370 billion over the next four years.

Have you joined the revolution yet—or are you preparing to? Then you need our free eBook, The Fourth Industrial Revolution is Now: Are You Ready?, which delves into the following topics:

  • Past Industrial Revolutions and how they impacted manufacturing
  • The top 10 technologies involved in the Fourth Industrial Revolution
  • Six ways to embrace the Fourth Industrial Revolution
  • How you’ll benefit from joining the revolution

Don’t wait while other manufacturers move ahead without you. Get this free eBook to learn what you need to know!

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Learn how our team of manufacturing consultants has helped some of California’s small and medium-sized manufacturers overcome obstacles in their road to success. If you’re looking for a specific manufacturing case study, head over to our Case Studies page for a directory of CMTC case studies.

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