Why does having the right talent in your manufacturing organization matter?

As the U.S currently enjoys the most manufacturing job growth in the last 30 years, it’s more important than ever to identify the right candidates for your manufacturing jobs. For small and medium-sized manufacturers who either don’t have the time to focus on recruitment or are having trouble recruiting employees with the right talent and experience, CMTC can provide the necessary guidance.

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Find the Right Talent With CMTC’s Recruitment Services 

As California’s trusted advisor for manufacturing companies, CMTC offers recruitment services to help manufacturing companies find and hire top talent effectively and efficiently. CMTC customizes candidate searches to meet your company’s unique needs and candidate preferences. Our method incorporates a defined approach that results in consistency, operational excellence, and legal compliance.  

Each candidate participates in a rigorous vetting process, designed to ensure that they meet or exceed position requirements. CMTC maps candidate skill sets with positions and uses proven methodologies for best-in-class talent acquisition, placement, and high client satisfaction for each project.

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What Are the Benefits Of Using CMTC’s Employee Recruitment Services?

Expertise from a Trusted Manufacturing Advisor

Our mission at CMTC is to serve manufacturing as a trusted advisor providing solutions that impact and grow the California economy. This includes delivering the support smaller manufacturing businesses need for sustained growth. 

Customized Recruitment Consulting

CMTC’s recruitment consulting is an entirely customized solution that is specifically tailored for each client. Our recruitment team customizes every single recruitment opportunity for our clients. We build a full strategy based on the client’s business, leadership styles, and talent goals to develop the ideal profile for them to build the best business.

We customize consulting services by:

  • Partnering with our client to define the requirements of the position
  • Finalizing a specific job description
  • Creating a market-specific recruitment strategy, including defined job postings and advertisements
  • Posting and advertising recommendations for the position

CMTC will work with you at your own pace until the right talent is hired for the position.

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