Instead of loading your Made in the USA or Made in CA products on cargo ships bound for countries eager to buy high quality goods, too many manufacturers are leaving the rewards of global trade to competitors. If you are a manufacturer seeking to maximize your business growth and improve your bottom line, you might consider exporting.  We know it can be an overwhelming task, but CMTC is here to assist in the following areas: 

  • Determining whether exporting is RIGHT for your company
  • Getting started in exporting
  • Integrating the export process in your business operation
  • Managing the global logistics process
  • Assisting you with your export business growth
  • Identifying obstacle(s) to export sales growth

Exportable products include, but are not limited to:

  • Medical and Dental Equipment and Devices
  • Food, including Equipment and Packaging
  • Fashion, Apparel, Textiles and Accessories
  • Aerospace, Aircraft, Helicopter, Automotive, Environmental
  • Cosmetics, Supplements, Healthcare, Recreational Products, and more

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Export Events


Tuesday, February 11
Protecting Intellectual Property Seminar: The StopFakes.Gov Roadshow
8:30 am - 4:30 pm
International Trade Association
1410 Ethan Way - South Entrance, Room 150
Sacramento, CA 95825

Critically important information about intellectual property to the audience that needs it most – start-ups, entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized businesses, independent creators, and inventors.
Click here to view online flyer. For more information contact: George Tastard at George.Tastard@trade.govor 916-566-7170


Thursday, February 13
Protecting Intellectual Property Seminar: The StopFakes.Gov Roadshow
8:30 am - 4:30 pm
International Trade Association, Silicon Valley USPTO
26 S. Fourth Street
San Jose, CA

Critically important information about intellectual property to the audience that needs it most – start-ups, entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized businesses, independent creators, and inventors.
Click here to view online flyer. For more information contact: Joanne Vliet at


Monday, April 20-27
Tradewinds Mission and Business Forum: Indo-Pacific Business Opportunities
8:30 am – 11:30 am
Hong Kong

Business-to-business matches only for U.S. companies with U.S. products/services: Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Thailand and Vietnam.

Register online:


ExporTech™ Program with CMTC

An Export Acceleration System for Achieving Profitable Growth
exportech_390_black_jpg_imageExporTech 3 Session graphic

The only national program that helps individual companies develop an export plan!

  • 3 sessions - one session each month
  • Matchmaking and introductions to customers overseas
  • Executive coaching to assist you with your export plan
  • Access to experts in logistics, legal, banking, regulatory and distributors
  • Assistance with selecting the best countries for your products
  • Develop your own export plan with experts
  • Start exporting in as little as 3 months

CMTC's ExporTech Scholarship Program:

The ExporTech™ Program fee is $5,000, offered to select qualified manufacturers for $3250. The initial required commitment fee to participate is $750. A scholarship of $2500 is available with the obligation that scholarship recipients “pay it forward” by providing a $2500 scholarship if — within one year after implementing the export growth plan — top-line export sales have increased by $50,000 or more.
Enrollment per program date is limited to 8 companies. Therefore, the commitment to fully participate is required and essential to the program success for you and for your peer participants.


ExporTech™ Company Testimonial

(April 23, 2019) “My recent success is we received our EU certification! It took three years in the planning and efforts but all worth it.  The best part is that we were approved just in time to use our first certificate to ship product to Italy for the Zoomark show in 2 weeks.  It couldn’t have worked out better.  I have learned so much in the last three years and know that ExporTech was an integral part of our foundation. I was reviewing our ExporTech presentation and I am happy to report we have accomplished what we listed on that plan from 2017!”


grandma lucys logo
Grandma Lucy's
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
Sharla Marocchi
Export and Compliance Manager

Co-Owner Breann Shook and Sharla Marocchi completed ExporTech O.C. (Irvine) in August 2016.  Since implementing their export growth plan, Grandma Lucy’s has secured the certifications needed to export their premium pet food products in multiple global markets.  Relatively new to exporting at the time, export sales now represent about 20% of sales – and continue to grow.

ExporTech for Manufacturers provides Executive Teams strategic focus, connects them into a global network, and assists them with creating an actionable export growth plan, the ExporTech deliverable.

To learn more about ExporTech for Manufacturers and exporting contact Elizabeth Glynn, Export Advisor, CMTC, at or 310.984.0728

ExporTech™ Partners


Recent ExporTech Sessions (2019)

ExporTech Los Angeles (San Fernando Valley)

(Tuesdays) September 10, October 15, November 19
7:30 am - 5:00 pm

Click here to download a printable flyer.

To find out more about our ExporTech program or register, please contact Elizabeth Glynn at 310-984-0728 or or Kimmella Collins at 310-263-3052.

Past Events

Promoting Your Exports - the Flight Path to Success
January 22
U.S. - Caribbean Business Conference 2019
May 9 Webinar
South Bay World Trade Week
Manufacturers' International Connection Breakfast, Torrance, CA
May 15

Annual Port Tour - Los Angeles Seaport Operations
July 18
WITOC (Women in Trade Orange County)

Rules of Origin with US Customs and Border Protection Seminar
September 17

Complying with U.S. Export Controls Training

September 18-19

Think Asia, Think Hong Kong

September 20

Discover Global Markets: Powering & Building the Middle East & Africa

September 30-October 2
Houston, Texas

Aerospace & Defense Supplier Summit (A&DSS) Webinar

November 5

Access Asia Events
November 12-15

Other Export News/Events

International Trade Blog article (April 17, 2019)

What Is the Destination Control Statement and Why Should It Be on Your Commercial Invoice?

The Destination Control Statement is a legal statement required by the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) and the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) stating that the goods you are exporting are destined to the country indicated in all the shipping documents. It is a necessary legal boundary clarifying what happens to shipments, and it essentially states that the buyer isn’t going to take the goods and forward them to another country.

Until recently... Click to read the article online

California Small Businesses Connect with Baja California Manufacturers During Industrial Tour

In November, 2018, the San Diego CITD, in collaboration with the Baja California Secretary of Economic Development (SEDECO) and Ensenada Economic Development Corporation, led a tour of several manufacturing facilities for small businesses in the Southern California region.

More than 20 participants—which included business owners and representatives, as well as trade specialists and economic development professionals—boarded a bus provided by SEDECO and participated in the Baja Supplier Day Industrial Tour in Ensenada, Baja California. Companies participating in the event were recruited with the help of San Diego CITD partner, CMTC—a non-profit provider of manufacturing consulting services to California small and medium-sized manufacturers.

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Ongoing Virtual Global Fair

Textiles, Apparel, & Sporting Goods Virtual Fair (Sponsored by the U.S. Commercial Service)

Virtually promote your Made in the USA products and services and connect with foreign buyers.

Find out more at
View flyer

7 Red Flags Protecting against Fraud in Trade Finance

Fraudulent collection scams come in many different forms. One of the biggest claims ever experienced by the trade credit insurance industry was the result of internal fraud leading to bankruptcy. The financial collapse of OW Bunker in 2014 sent financial shock waves across both the shipping fuel and trade credit insurance industries. 

Read Exim.Gov article:

New E.U. Regulation: General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The European Union has adopted new data privacy legislation which creates a higher level of protection for consumers and stronger rules for companies. The GDPR is applicable as of May 25, 2018 and applies to U.S. companies offering goods or services in the EU, processing personal data from Europe, monitoring behaviour within the EU. Severe penalties for noncompliance may result.  To ensure your company complies, contact Isabelle Roccia at or visit the Commercial Service EU webpage at

Read Export.Gov article:

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CMTC is here to help small and medium-sized manufacturers to map out and assess the potential impact of exporting and develop a game plan to guide your organization. For further information, please fill out the form or contact Elizabeth Glynn directly at or 310-263-3052.