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What Are CMTC's Clients Saying?

Craftech Corporation 

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When Craftech Corporation re-engaged with CMTC for their second project, they were originally seeking assistance with long-term strategic planning. However, when COVID-19 hit, Craftech realized that they needed to pivot and instead focus on a new way to sell and maintain communication with their clients. CMTC worked with Craftech to help them redesign and optimize their website as well as develop targeted email marketing campaigns. With CMTC’s support, Craftech was able to gain a competitive edge and generate more business.

Dynamic Fabrication 

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When Dynamic Fabrication Inc. (DFI) needed a solution to improve their product quality and on-time delivery, they partnered with CMTC to create a training curriculum that would align with the company’s focus areas: customer requirements and continuous improvement. CMTC consultants delivered 40 hours of blueprint reading training to 17 employees and helped DFI access California Employment Training Panel (ETP) funds to offset the training costs. As a result, DFI estimates cost savings of $750,000 over a 12-month period, enabling investments of $100,000 in new products and processes and $15,000 in plant and equipment improvements. In addition, DFI designated another $24,000 of investment for employee learning and development.


Elite Robotics

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Over a four-month period, CMTC aided Elite Robotics, a machinery and equipment manufacturer, to support the company’s exploration of target markets and product diversification. CMTC developed a marketing strategy that included comparative market analysis and email campaigns, and also provided the company with support in hiring a sales team. CMTC assisted in developing a lead generation initiative for Elite Robotics through the implementation of five BizBytesTM programs which included the creation of attention-getting graphics and digital email blasts. As a result of the B2B activities initiated through the CMTC project, Elite Robotics hired two salespeople and received a high number of warm leads. The company reported a $500,000 increase in sales, hiring a total of 20 new employees, and retaining two employees in the six months following their engagement with CMTC.

Reborn Cabinets 

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Custom cabinetry manufacturer Reborn Cabinets' number one core value is to build a winning team. Over the years, Reborn has instituted a culture of training and support for their employees to work together and achieve more both in their personal and professional lives. However, Reborn recognized there were certain areas of training in which they could benefit from some outside expertise, so they engaged with CMTC to implement a formal leadership training program. Since then, Reborn and CMTC have worked together on numerous projects, forming a true partnership and helping to nurture Reborn's culture of training and advancement.


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Resistor manufacturer Riedon’s existing ERP system lacked functionality and was slow and inflexible. As Riedon’s business expanded, the software’s limitations prevented the company from moving forward against the competition. To help Riedon address their long-term business system needs, CMTC provided resources and expertise to perform an enterprise software selection (ERP, MRP, and key modules). CMTC worked with Riedon to identify and qualify vendors and implementers; prepare vendor demos; and vet references—and ultimately provide Riedon’s management team with the tools they needed to evaluate and select viable enterprise systems. As a result, Riedon reports $40,000 in cost savings, $100,000 in capital investments, $100,000 invested in workforce practices, and $70,000 invested in information systems and software in the past 12 months. The company was also able to retain 1 to 2 jobs following the ERP implementation.

Sewing Incubator 

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When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the U.S. in March 2020, Sewing Incubator had just begun operations. Faced with product cancellations, Sewing Incubator quickly realized the need to diversify manufacturing and establish sound financial reporting systems in order to survive. CMTC partnered with Sewing Incubator to help them register with the System for Award Management (SAM), obtain a CAGE Code, connect with government PPE purchasers, create a formal accounting system for the company, and evaluate a comprehensive list of the company’s existing accounting practices to identify opportunities for process improvement. Sewing Incubator credits its survival through the pandemic to CMTC, and estimates $1,000,000 in sales revenue, cost savings of $50,000 in labor, and an investment of $100,000 in new products. In addition, the increased visibility due to increased financial reporting is expected to lead to $50,000 in avoided investments.

CA Manufacturing Stories

Moore's Ideal Products

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Moore's Ideal Products (MIP) has been designing and machining small precision parts for the RC Hobby industry since 1978. Several years ago, MIP’s Owner & Founder Eustace Moore made the decision to purchase and implement fully automated robotic equipment with the end goal of increasing MIP’s bottom line, flexibility, and overall capacity. In this video, Eustace describes MIP’s automation journey, explaining how his organization went from a manual production process to a fully automated lights-out operation. In the end, Eustace credits MIP’s existence to automation, stating that implementing robotics allowed MIP to maintain quality and consistency in their products and stay competitive in an international market.

"Rethinking Manufacturing"

American manufacturing, once seen as the world’s icon of industrialization and then as a symbol of decline, is once again changing. Rethinking Manufacturing is the story of two young individuals who are on the cutting edge of that revolution. With support from America Makes (the first Manufacturing USA institute), Youngstown State University and the Youngstown Business Incubator, these entrepreneurs and their peers are rethinking manufacturing, rethinking career choices, and rethinking the very idea of how we build and revitalize communities.