Use one of our experts for your next association event, whether it’s a one-hour seminar or a half-day event. Our experts have hands-on experience with California manufacturing companies. Let us help you provide quality information and “real-world” experience.

Statewide Solutions and Impact


Jim Watson | California Manufacturing Partnerships

California manufacturing at a glance, statewide manufacturing support, Strategic and Leadership Management, and advanced manufacturing initiatives.


Growth Strategies


Kris Widdison | Aerospace and Defense

Business Planning, Continuous Energy Improvement Methodologies, Statistical Process Control, Innovation and Growth Services, Change Management Facilitation.





Peter Athanas | Innovation Leadership

Innovation Engineering, Family/Legacy Business Planning, Strategic Planning, Sales/Marketing Plans, Continuous Improvement Plans, Executive Coaching, Leadership Training, Business Development, Trusted Advisor, Connector.




Elizabeth Glynn | Global Expansion Strategies

Export Business Strategy & Implementation; Export Operations; Global Logistics/Supply Chain Management; Global Trade Training & Education; Business Development; Marketing & Sales.




Eliot Dratch | Quality Management

Quality Management Systems, Lean Six Sigma, Anchoring and Sustaining Organization Change, Supply Chain Quality Improvement Models (MMOG/LE and APQP)


Project and Change Management


Steve Buchwald | Process and People Management Techniques

Supply Chain Development, Profit/Loss Management, Process Improvement, Transportation Management, Collaborative Communication.




Walt Ciszczon | Lean Management

Lean Transformation, Six Sigma Black Belt, Change Management, Plant Layout, Strategic & Operations Planning, Project Management.




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