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Gone are the days when robots and automation equipment were enjoyed only by large corporations. Advanced robotics and automation are tools within reach of small and medium-sized manufacturers (SMMs), but do you know how to utilize them to your best potential? That is where CMTC can help! CMTC offers expert consulting on how SMMs can take advantage of the endless possibilities robotics and automation offers.

The benefits of robotics and automation can extend to a variety of applications. While robotics have been traditionally used in welding and assembly processes, technological advancements have led robotics into other applications such as deburring, painting, grinding, palletizing, machine tending, and much more.

Advanced Robotics


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CMTC’s focus is to function as a trusted advisor to small and medium-sized manufacturers in California, so you can trust CMTC to ensure you’re receiving the right answers. Our CMTC automation consulting experts bring your manufacturing business the expertise you need to navigate the automation and robotics landscape and develop the right robotic solution for your business based on your goals, work processes, and challenges.

While robots can perform a wider variety of applications than ever before, they can be generally classified according to criteria such as: 

  • Type of movement
  • Application
  • Architecture
  • Brand
  • Ability to be collaborative

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With the combination of CMTC’s expertise, network of integrators and partners, CMTC consulting services can help SMMs realize their investments in robotics and automation very quickly. You’ll receive consulting from experts in the advanced automation field, all with years of experience in manufacturing. CMTC’s experts will map out potential adoption strategies and determine how robotics and advanced automation will best benefit your manufacturing business.

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Why Should Small & Medium-Sized Manufacturers Consider Advanced Automation?

Robotics and automation have steadily advanced since first introduced to factory floors in the early 1960s. With advances in sensing and machine learning, today’s robots are more intelligent, versatile, flexible, and steadily falling in cost. With collaborative robots (cobots), workers can safely interact with the machines that can now do repetitive, hazardous and ergonomically challenging tasks.

This results in numerous benefits, such as improved worker safety and reduced lost-time costs, and improvements in productivity and quality. Industrial robotics and automation have become a priority for manufacturers as tighter labor markets and competitive pressures drive change. Small and medium-sized manufacturers who previously couldn’t afford robotics and automation are increasingly finding positive ROI as the cost of automation falls and the ease of use rises.

Teaming human workers with robots on the production floor will fundamentally change how products are manufactured. In fact, studies have shown that robotics and automation are boosting productivity rather than reducing jobs.

Case Pack Robots Lees

What Are The Benefits of
Advanced Automation and Robotics?

The advantages of adopting advanced automation go far beyond productivity
alone but extend as far as improving employee health and safety. 

Improve Manufacturing Productivity

Advanced automation offers manufacturers greater productivity at a higher quality when performing quick and repetitive tasks. Since robotics have predictable, precise movements, they can produce high-quality products with little variation at rapid speeds manual laborers are incapable of.

Unlike human counterparts, robots can work 24 hours a day without interruptions or breaks. There are even so-called lights-out operations or dark factories, so named for operating throughout the night with robotics without the need for human operators - and lighting. Additionally, advanced automation can accomplish the dull jobs that are generally repetitive for human employees, which can result in sloppy work and potential damage to products. Once a robot has been programmed and trained for specific applications, it can speed up production, translating into decreased part cycle times and limited waste. 

Additionally, automation methods such as machine vision provide imaging-based automated inspections and analysis for enhanced process control. By the use of sensors and other tracking devices, machine vision and detect defects throughout the production process by optimizing production output. 

Advanced Automation Manufacturers

Advanced Robotics Equipment

Reduce Operational Costs

There are multiple arenas where advanced automation reduces costs overall. While purchasing automation equipment can have a significant initial cost, manufacturers will witness a long-term benefit from robotics due to several advantages. One of these is robotics does not require compensation, unlike their human counterparts. 

Additionally, robots increase productivity while reducing wasted time and money. While the speed of robotics has increased over the years, their costs have fallen - resulting in a lower cost per assembly and cost per placement. Advanced robotics reduce waste due to their precision, reducing the time and money spent on errors. Due to their exact, repeatable movements, robots can perform repetitive jobs with little variation and damage.  

Increase Employee Safety

Robots are increasingly being used to improve the safety of employees performing tasks prone to repetitive motion injuries. Robotics can accomplish highly repetitive tasks without the risk of injury, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, and back strain.

Robotics can also accomplish dangerous tasks where employees would be exposed to dangerous fumes or environments. Robots can accomplish heavy lifting tasks that can result in permanent injuries for employees, or accomplish tasks that would be deadly to humans, such as collecting and packing toxic materials. For example, robots have been responsible for handling radioactive waste since before the 1980s.

Employee Safety

Advanced Automation Solutions
Per Industry Application

Advanced robotics and automation can address the challenges for a variety of
industrial applications by increasing efficiency and product quality.
  • Polishing, Grinding, & Buffing Solutions
  • Polishing, Grinding, & Buffing Solutions


    • Material removal and finishing robots
    • Autonomous polishing machines


    • Ensure efficiency grinding, deburring, and finishing for parts 
    • Protect employees from potentially serious health and safety risks associated with the grinding and buffing processes
    • Ensure uniformity and consistency impossible to match by manual labor
    Grinding Advanced Robotics
  • Pick, Place, & Palletizing Solutions
  • Pick, Place & Palletizing Solutions


    • Pick and place robotics


    • Allows for quick assembly process by enabling products to be passed sequentially from one operation to another quickly and efficiently
    • Efficient packing services by robots placing items in packaging containers at high speeds
    • Robots can pack and place heavy items difficult for human employees with an unmatched efficiency
    Palletizing Solutions
  • Assembly Line Solutions
  • Assembly Line Solutions


    • Assembly robotics, such as SCARA and Delta robots


    • Consistent, non-stop performance
    • Faster and more precise assemblies with robotics rather than human employees 
    • Reduce costs from product damage 
    • Improve the safety of employees
    Assembly Line
  • Welding Solutions
  • Welding Solutions


    • Robotic welding automation systems


    • Maximize speed, output, and accuracy
    • Improve employee safety by reducing human exposure to dangerous fumes
    • Ensure welding accuracy of large or challenging welds difficult for human welders
    Welding Solutions
  • Machine Vision Solutions
  • Machine Vision Solutions


    • Machine vision sensors & cameras 
    • QR code tracking
    • Processing hardware and software algorithms


    • Improve product quality by quality levels manufacturing 
    • Detect defects in the production process
    • Detect part presence/absence
    • Optimize production output 
    • Automate visual inspection 
    Machine Vision Solutions

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    Check out RC car parts manufacturer Moore's Ideal Products' fully automated lights-out operation. 

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