Building a Lean Culture

Small and medium-sized manufacturers have had a tough time competing in the global marketplace. Many manufacturers have learned that making the organizational commitment to master the concepts of Lean will increase the focus on the customer.  

Lean addresses eight areas of waste:

  • Defects
  • Overproduction
  • Waiting
  • Non-Untilized Skills/Unused Creativity
  • Transportation
  • Inventory (Excess)
  • Motion
  • Excessive Processing

Lean manufacturing removes and/or minimizes non-value work activity from the manufacturing process, streamlining all company processes from the front office, throughout production to the way products are distributed.  A key element of Lean is the concept of "continuous improvement" which recognizes that deploying Lean is never complete.  For manufacturers to have a successful Lean journey you must satisfy the five priciples of Lean which include:

  1. Understand value as defined by the customer
  2. Define the value stream for the organization
  3. Establish continuous flow within the organization
  4. Maintain the flow through the use of a pull system
  5. Pursue perfection through continuous improvement of the processes

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Learn How to Boost Efficiency and Productivity with Lean Manufacturing

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Continuous improvement is a holistic approach that drives operational excellence, fosters innovation, and positions manufacturers for success. 

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