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KAP Manufacturing

Ecliptic Enterprises

Warren Packaging

Peerless Injection Molding LLC dba ProPlas Technologies

Vinatech Engineering

Food Makers Bakery Equipment

Doggie Walk Bags

Amflex Plastics

Waterstone Faucets

Apollo Sprayers

Elite Metal Finishing

Leslie Skylights

Summertree Interiors Inc. dba Newport Cottages

RKL Technologies


International Desserts and Delicacies

Lloyd Mats


Diamond Wipes International

DMC Power, Inc

Nursery Supplies, Inc.

Marineland, Inc.

Royal Truck Body

Motorcar Parts of America

Metal Surfaces, Inc.

Komyo America Company / Honda Logistics

Wahlco, Inc.

U.S. Motor Works LLC

Renau Electronic Laboratories

PVP Advanced EO Systems, Inc.

Miles Chemical Company, Inc.


Dytran Instruments, Inc.

Craig Tools, Inc.

Beranek, Inc.

Accurate Dial

U.S. Concrete

Two Chefs On A Roll


R&D Fasteners

Notthoff Engineering, Inc.

Ne-Mo's Bakery

Johnson Precision Products

Dramm & Echter, Inc.

D'Addario & Company Inc.


Cohu, Inc.

Caco Pacific Corporation

3D Instruments Inc.

Allpower (RBC Bearings)

Louroe Electronics (Innovation)

Stolo Cabinets

Inland Powder Coating Corporation

Golden Island Jerky Company

California Faucets

American Nail Plating, Inc.

ADF Visual

Louroe Electronics (Exporting)

Trojan Battery Company

Maruhachi Ceramics of America, INC (MCA Tile)

Packaging Plus LLC

Lekos Dye and Finishing

Jensen Precast

Hill’s Pet Nutrition, A Division of Colgate-Palmolive

QSC Audio Products

Contico Container

Peerless Injection Mold

Metrex Valve

Crislu Corporation

Summaries of a few of our recent case studies. 

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Ecliptic Enterprises

Technology Driven Market Intelligence (TDMI) Strategies Lead to $2.0M in Increased Sales

Ecliptic_logo_current_with20REcliptic Enterprises Corporation (Ecliptic) was founded in 2001 as a manufacturer of video and imaging systems for use on rockets and spacecraft. Since then, they have expanded their product offerings to include the production of space avionics and sensor systems to control experiments on board rockets, orbital spacecraft (satellites) and the International Space Station. Ecliptic desired to focus their varied sales and marketing ideas to determine which current and future markets could provide the most potential for growth. CMTC met with Ecliptic’s senior staff and proposed a Technology Driven Market Intelligence (TDMI) engagement.  The TDMI engagement helped Ecliptic identify and characterize the markets, trends, value chains, competition and companies of most interest and relevance to Ecliptic, resulting in $2.0M in increased sales, 2 new jobs, and $200K in cost savings.

PDF Version Visit Ecliptic Enterprises 


KAP Manufacturing

KAP Manufacturing Overcomes Challenges of Implementing AS9100 Rev. D Quality Enhancements 

KAP Manufacturing Screen Capture for TemplateKAP Manufacturing was formed in 1997 with the goal of providing customers in the Aerospace and Defense Industry with quality parts from a precision machine shop. As part of KAP’s strategic plan to focus on the Aerospace and Defense Industry, KAP obtained AS9100 certification of their Quality Management System. With an impending certification audit, KAP wanted a quick training and upgrade program of their current QMS to the Rev. D standard. KAP connected with CMTC whose consultants worked closely with the organization to develop an implementation plan for them to become AS9100 revision D certified. After the training was concluded, KAP successfully passed the audit to achieve AS9100 Rev. certification, allowing them the ability to continue to meet the requirements of their larger aerospace clients.  This resulted in $800K in new sales, 1 new job and $15K in cost savings.  

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Warren Packaging

Improving Sales Through Lean Brings in $1.5M in New Sales 

Warren Packaging Screen Capture of Building-alteredWarren Packaging, a family-owned and operated manufacturing company, provides custom labels and performs
specialized paper-converting tasks, including producing corrugated packaging and folding cartons, for use in a
variety of businesses. Warren Packaging was going through a period of rapid growth and change. Unable to meet increased demand from their customers, they began suffering from high lead-times and poor customer satisfaction ratings, resulting in a loss of orders to competitors. There were also quality, workplace organization, and inventory control issues, as well as a lack of key performance indicators. Warren Packaging connected with CMTC and a Lean Manufacturing transformation project was designed to address the company’s issues and position Warren Packaging for growth. After implementing improvements in four key areas: leadership and culture; information flow; material flow; and process efficiency, CMTC enabled Warren Packaging to focus on growing their business. The result was $1.5M in increased sales, 6 new jobs, and $175K in cost savings.  

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