Instant Biologics

Founded in 2018, Instant Biologics manufactures effervescent tablets that transform chemical and biological water-based products into compact, lightweight, waterless concentrates, helping to minimize cost, carbon footprint, and waste across the entire supply chain – from packaging to shipping to storage. The company’s eco-friendly, patented delivery mechanism has applications across virtually every consumer products category for people, pets, and plants.


During Instant Biologics’ annual review, the company’s co-founders realized that they needed assistance with strategic planning and marketing. Specifically, Instant Biologics wanted help with brand positioning, creating a new website, and ensuring that their brand’s look and feel was consistent across multiple product categories, as the company continued to scale.


Through designing and conducting consumer research, CMTC helped Instant Biologics to glean key consumer insights and make strategic decisions. CMTC refined the brand’s positioning and key messaging as well as developed the corporate architecture and style guide to help Instant Biologics implement cohesive branding across all verticals. CMTC also worked with Instant Biologics to design a fresh website, video content, and packaging concepts to elevate the company’s brand and build credibility with potential B2B customers, strategic partners, and funders.


As a result of CMTC’s partnership, Instant Biologics has gained new business partnerships, grown their customer base, and created the foundation to significantly grow sales. In fact, Instant Biologics estimates a $2,000,000 sales increase over the next three years. In addition, Instant Biologics forecasts $90,000 in cost savings, 5 jobs added, and 6 jobs retained. Instant Biologics also estimates a total investment of $526,000 – $200,000 in new products/processes, $200,000 in equipment, $11,000 in IT, $15,000 in workforce development/employee training, and $100,000 in other areas.

“The CMTC Team provided solutions of the highest quality to the business challenges we addressed with this project. The monetary and strategic benefits of this project well exceeded the investment, and the returns will continue over the next 1-3 years. It was a pleasure working with this team and I would offer my highest recommendation.”

— Jeff Robbins, Co-Founder

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