Train Your Manufacturing Workforce for the Future With CMTC’s Workforce Development Programs

The modern manufacturing landscape faces a variety of challenges, one of them being an ageing workforce, on the verge of retirement. As a result, manufacturing is facing a true transition with older workers retiring and not enough younger workers interested in a career in manufacturing. In fact, research shows that 27 percent of manufacturing workers are over the age of 55. In addition, keeping and retaining good talent can be a challenge in today's economy. This may be especially daunting for smaller manufacturers who may not know where to turn to for customized training. However, with the right workforce development training, you can shape today’s workforce into a skilled manufacturing workforce for tomorrow.

What Makes CMTC’s Workforce Development Programs Unique?

As the trusted advisor to small and medium-sized manufacturers (SMMs) in California, CMTC’s workforce development programs work with individual employers to develop the customized solutions they need. CMTC offers training programs and certifications for whatever training your manufacturing business is looking for - from technical and vocation skill-building to Lean and Six Sigma training, and more!

Some of the advantages of CMTC’s workforce training include...

Partnered With the California Employment Training Panel (ETP)

CMTC has partnered with the California Employment Training Panel (ETP) to offset the cost of bringing its high-quality, customized, on-site training to your manufacturing facility. Since its inception, ETP has supplied over a billion dollars to businesses and helps hundreds of customers every year reach their workforce development goals. Through our partnership, CMTC has leveraged over $40 million worth of ETP funding for manufacturing job training.

By working with CMTC, you can expedite the application process. As a multiple-employer contractor, manufacturers can process an eligibility form within minutes - instead of months.



Workforce Training from Manufacturing Experts

You receive state-of-the-art workforce training from certified experts in their field. CMTC’s program features nearly 130 experts on-hand, all of whom have decades of experience in their respective fields. And, if you have a unique request? CMTC will bring in subject matter experts to give your workers the expertise you need.

Customized Solutions For Manufacturers

CMTC’s workforce development experts work with individual employers to provide customized solutions for their needs. We bring in a subject matter expert with the knowledge and background to address your specific training requirements. CMTC’s workforce development experts will determine a curriculum and schedule specifically customized for your needs. You can choose either remote or on-site delivery.




Do you have a unique training request?

All of CMTC’s workforce development programs are client-driven, so our experts will design a program based on the specific training or certification you need! 

For an in-depth guide to CMTC’s consulting and training services, check out our flyer!

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Ready to Provide Your Workforce With Skilled Manufacturing Training?

Are you interested in training your workforce for the future? CMTC is ready to help! There are certain eligibility requirements to apply for California ETP funding, including:

Companies must:

  • Have a facility located in California
  • Pay into California unemployment insurance fund
  • Be a priority industry (manufacturers automatically qualify)

Employees must:

  • Be full-time, W-2 employees
  • Meet ETP wage requirements (varies by county)
  • Not be currently enrolled in another ETP-funded training program

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