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CMTC provides legally compliant HR solutions to meet your business needs, by offering talent management and development programs in addition to our Recruitment Services program.



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Complex HR issues confront companies daily—CMTC's Human Resources subscription service, HR Boot Camp, can get you the help you need. The HR Boot Camp subscription offers live and on-demand training sessions with subject matter experts and provides tips, checklists, and templates to help you tackle today's evolving HR landscape. Click here to sign up today!



Harassment Avoidance Webinar

The recent passage of [State Bill] SB 1343 expands the [Assembly Bill] AB1825 training requirement, mandating all employers with five or more employees to provide two hours of anti-harassment training for supervisory staff, and one hour of anti-harassment training for non-supervisory employees. All employees must be trained within six months of being hired and every two years thereafter.

Please note: This pertains to all job codes, job classification, exempt and non-exempt (including non-supervisory, individual contributor roles).

Our Web-Based event is a ‘live’ session facilitated by a Harassment Avoidance trainer.

  • Sessions are available in English & Spanish and are set in a two hour time frame
  • The first hour combines both supervisory & non-supervisory staff
  • After the first hour, there is a 5-10 minute break & the non-supervisory staff is released
  • After the break, the supervisory staff remains for the 2nd hour required for management
  • Since the session is ‘live’, not a recorded video, it must be completed all at once vs. start, stop and return to it
  • The webinar incorporates both State and Federal guidelines/law.

These sessions are being offered at no cost. To register, simply click on the date(s) below that fits your schedule:

Please Note: Each individual registration via this form requires a unique email address. If you need to register multiple individuals using a common email or need to register a large group, please send a list with FIRST NAME, LAST NAME, EMAIL, LANGUAGE, SESSION DATE to and your registration will be acknowledged in a reply email with instructions for joining the webinar.


Classes in English 

Wednesdays, 9 am - 11 am
May 19  |  May 26  |  June 9
June 16  |  June 23 

Thursdays, 1 pm - 3 pm
May 13  |  May 27  |  June 10 
June 17  |  June 24

Classes in Spanish

Tuesdays, 8 am - 10 am
May 18  |  May 25  |  June 8 
June 15  |  June 22

Thursdays, 10 am - 12 pm
May 13  |  May 27  |  June 10 
June 17  |  June 24

Designed specifically for the Small and Medium-Sized Manufacturer, this comprehensive 2-hour course will cover the following topics:

  • Provides legal definition of multiple types of harassment
  • Defines acceptable and non-acceptable behavior
  • Identifies specific examples of fines, penalties and employer responsibilities
  • Reviews methods for team and supervisor coaching
  • Includes sections on Discrimination, Retaliation, and Actual Cases
  • Outlines compliant investigations for every claim
  • Defines employer/company responsibilities to address complaints

Included in our materials are specific sections, examples and risk mitigation recommendations on workplace bullying, cyber-bullying, stalking, cyber-stalking, harassment via social media, and workplace violence. Supervisory/management sections of our training include awareness and coaching on incident reporting, how to investigate reports, interviewing victims and witnesses, confidentiality in the process, etc. Training is both CA State & Federal guideline-developed.

These services are partially funded by the California Governor's Office of Business and Economic Development Small Business Technical Assistance Program. 

Upon completion of the webinar, your company will be sent a third-party survey from our funding partner. This survey is confidential and is used to capture the economic impacts of our projects. 


HR Health Check

CMTC will facilitate an HR Audit in your organization, beginning with an HR Audit Survey to help you prepare. We then conduct an on-site audit of policies/procedures and identify areas of exposure, which we use to propose recommendations that protect you and your employees.

Employee Handbook

CMTC will work with you to develop an Employee Handbook, customized with client details and State/Federal requirements. Using HR coaching during the development process, we will create an action plan for client roll-out, and provide handbook translations if needed.

Rewards and Recognition Programs

CMTC will provide you with reward and recognition Best Practices, and facilitate program sessions with your teams. No matter your budget,  we will help your company improve program design and client roll-out.

Harassment Avoidance Training

CMTC will organize a Harassment Avoidance training session, on your site or ours, and facilitate interactive sessions per State/Federal law. We can conduct sessions for businesses with large or small employee bases, and provide Certificates of Completion for each participant.

Project-related HR Solutions

CMTC will assess your company’s needs and provide individualized HR solutions on a consultancy basis.  Please contact us for information on a specific analysis and assessment. 

Recruitment Services

CMTC customizes candidate searches to meet your company’s needs. Our method incorporates a defined approach that results in consistency, operational excellence and legal compliance.  Each candidate participates in a rigorous vetting process, designed to ensure that they meet or exceed position requirements. CMTC maps candidate skill sets with positions and uses proven methodologies for best-in-class talent acquisition, placement, and high client satisfaction for each project.


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