Kinetic Koffee

Kinetic Koffee Company, Inc. is a gourmet micro roaster specializing in super-premium, certified organic coffees from around the world. Each of the company’s roasts is custom designed with distinctive profiles. Kinetic Koffee is a firm believer in the "Think Globally, Act Locally" philosophy. All of the company’s coffees are certified organic, shade grown, and governed by fair trade practices. In addition to purchasing from environmentally aware vendors, Kinetic Koffee also contributes 10% of their net proceeds to various charities.


Coming out of the pandemic, Kinetic Koffee sought ways to find skilled employees, maintain sales, and retain their staff in a changing world. As a small business located in Arcata, California, Kinetic Koffee’s market was limited by its size and location. In order to grow, Kinetic Koffee needed to increase their brand awareness and market reach.


CMTC worked with Kinetic Koffee to develop and implement a new marketing strategy that featured a custom email campaign. The experienced advisors at CMTC assisted Kinetic Koffee with the creation of attention-grabbing graphics, tailored messaging, and targeted customer and prospect lists. CMTC helped Kinetic Koffee to launch this strategic email campaign, resulting in a strong 30% open rate. The success of the email campaign not only helped to boost Kinetic Koffee’s brand recognition and sales, it also helped Kinetic Koffee to better understand and prioritize sales and marketing as part of their business strategy.


After working with CMTC, Kinetic Koffee estimates a $100,000 sales increase. In addition, Kinetic Koffee forecasts $10,000 in cost savings and one new job added. Kinetic Koffee also estimates a capital investment of $3,000.

“My advice to manufacturers is reach out and ask for help. Find resources like CMTC – the help is amazing!”

— Charlie Jordan, Managing Partner & Co-Owner

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