Rise Up Industries

Established in 2013, Rise Up Industries is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that helps previously incarcerated, formerly gang involved individuals to successfully reenter society; thereby, reducing the gang population and the recidivism rate. In 2016, Rise Up Industries launched the Reentry Program, an 18-month program that provides a comprehensive set of services including employment, job training, case management, tattoo removal, counseling, mentoring, education assistance, financial literacy, life skills, and work ethic development. But, the Reentry Program offers more than income — it offers a sustainable career, as the organization prepares their members for careers in CNC (Computer Numeric Control) machining.


In order to increase their capacity and; as a result, provide more opportunities to their Reentry Program members, Rise Up Industries acquired a larger facility. With this new space, the company’s leaders sought external expertise and guidance to design an optimal machine layout for their facility.


CMTC met with Rise Up Industries to evaluate the new facility and design a shop layout configuration that would yield the best results in terms of efficiency and productivity. Subsequently, CMTC’s expert consultants assisted Rise Up Industries with the plan permits, helping to secure approvals and ensure that construction could begin. Rise Up Industries plans to move into their new facility in May 2024 which will enable them to significantly grow their production capacity by doubling their workforce and equipment.


After working with CMTC, Rise Up Industries forecasts $5,000 in cost savings, 8 jobs added, and 14 jobs retained. Rise Up Industries also estimates a capital investment of $101,000.

“We appreciate CMTC taking the time to visit with us and provide insights about running the production line in our manufacturing shop.”

— Jonathan Yackley, Deputy Executive Director/Vice President

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