Gro-King Garden Sprayers

Gro-King Garden Sprayers is a family-owned and -operated business based in Butte County, California. Established in 2015, Gro-King has quickly made a name for itself within the scientific organic farming industry. Specializing in small-scale, commercial-quality agricultural sprayers and related accessories, Gro-King is committed to building long-term relationships with all of their retail outlets and end-users by providing prompt, friendly, and effective customer service to support the longevity of each sprayer. Gro-King’s clientele typically consists of scientific organic farmers, with a high percentage of business being those that study the soil-food model.


Due to the nature of their business, Gro-King found themselves competing against larger corporations with more resources – resources that included robust and comprehensive websites. While the existing Gro-King website could provide an in-depth educational experience for customers, it wasn’t very easy to use and didn’t have the modern look and feel of their competitors’ sites. Gro-King determined that in order to remain competitive and continue to increase sales, they needed to revitalize their online presence with a more contemporary and user-friendly website. 


In January 2022, Gro-King began working with CMTC to improve the customer experience on their website and to make the site more aesthetically pleasing. CMTC provided design and technical support, working directly with Gro-King’s leadership to identify areas of opportunity and goals that a new website could help address. The most significant goals were to educate current and potential customers about what products the company has to offer and to optimize the buying process for both the user and the Gro-King team. CMTC consultants updated Gro-King’s website content to make it easier for customers to identify their needs. As a result, Gro-King has found that their customers are now more knowledgeable about what products are available to them which means less time spent on the phone for both the customer and the Gro-King team. In an effort to further optimize the buying process, Gro-King anticipates continued collaboration with CMTC with the addition of a “Buy Now” button, allowing customers to complete their transactions entirely online. With a complete online buying experience, Gro-King predicts higher customer satisfaction, increased sales, and less administrative work. In addition, the eCommerce software provider that hosts the “Buy Now” button has a partnership with Fedex and offers an additional 15% discount on shipping costs, contributing to the estimated increase in customer satisfaction and sales.


After working with CMTC, Gro-King anticipates a cost savings of $5,000 and a $20,000 sales increase due to the updates and modifications made to their website. Company leadership has stated that the improved functionality of the website has saved time and increased their productivity, allowing them to focus more on customer connection and education as well as improving their manufacturing processes.

**This project was funded with proceeds from the Small Business Technical Assistance Program grant, funded by the California Office of the Small Business Advocate. To learn more about the SBTAP grant submit this form.

“Working with CMTC consultants has been [an] extremely valuable experience. The website refresh has transformed the company image from ‘mom & pop’ to ‘professional.’ My ability to effectively present the value of our products has increased dramatically and I feel much more empowered to conduct marketing activities.”

— Deborah Wigley, Owner

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