RKL Technologies, Inc.

RKL Technologies, Inc. (“RKL”) opened in 1983 to provide contract machine shop services to the medical device industry. The company has since expanded to serve major multinational corporations, as well as smaller local businesses, in the aerospace, medical, and general industrial sectors. RKL has 30 employees and annual revenues of $3.5 million.


In analyzing procedures, RKL identified a need to implement strategies to continuously increase efficiency and cost savings. Company leaders observed that production staff was spending excess time looking for tools and materials because of the organization and layout of the shop floor, and realized that improvements in workplace organization could save time and improve efficiency.


From January to March 2021, CMTC provided 32 hours of training for RKL production staff and key employees. All training was provided virtually to accommodate COVID-19 protocols. Training curriculum included: Lean Principles and Implementing Lean Tools, 5S, Overview of Six Sigma, Generating Solutions, and coaching on implementation. Following the training, RKL created a uniform table with labeling for each machine to allow staff to quickly locate tools. The training helped RKL reduce lead times and improve on-time delivery by creating a more organized shop floor, improving business and manufacturing workflows, reducing waste in the manufacturing process, and continuing to support a Lean Company culture.


RKL estimates cost savings of $100,000 over a 12-month period, enabling investments of $5,000 in new products and processes and $10,000 in plant and equipment improvements. The company also estimates making future investments of $10,000 in workforce practices and employee skills training.

“We had a great training instructor who went above and beyond to make sure we had everything we needed to learn about 5S. We love working with CMTC to find solutions for all sorts of problems.”

— Torry Lamp, Quality Assurance Manager

RKL Technologies, Inc.