Exporting in a Global Marketplace

Instead of loading your Made in the USA or Made in CA products on cargo ships bound for countries eager to buy high quality goods, too many manufacturers are leaving the rewards of global trade to competitors. If you are a manufacturer seeking to maximize your business growth and improve your bottom line, you might consider exporting.  We know it can be an overwhelming task, but CMTC is here to assist in the following areas:

  • Determining whether exporting is RIGHT for your company
  • Getting started in exporting
  • Integrating the export process in your business operation
  • Managing the global logistics process
  • Assisting you with your export business growth
  • Identifying obstacle(s) to export sales growth

Exciting Update! On May 18, 2015, Louroe Electronics received the President's "E" Award for their major contribution to U.S. Exports.  Read More

Exportable products include, but are not limited to...

  • Medical and Dental Equipment and Devices
  • Food, including Equipment and Packaging
  • Fashion, Apparel, Textiles and Accessories
  • Aerospace, Aircraft, Helicopter, Automotive, Environmental
  • Cosmetics, Supplements, Healthcare, Recreational Products, and more


  • 3 sessions - one session each month
  • Matchmaking and introductions to customers overseas
  • Executive coaching to assist you with your export plan
  • Access to experts in logistics, legal, banking, regulatory and distributors
  • Assistance with selecting the best countries for your products
  • Develop your own export plan with experts
  • Start exporting in as little as 3 months 

Upcoming ExporTech Events


Los Angeles County - San Fernando Valley
Thursdays: February 16, March 30, April 27, 2017
The Entrepreneur Center, Pacoima, CA

Cost: $750 deposit at registration (refunded after Team attends Session 1).
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For more information or to register contact: 
Elizabeth Glynn at 310-984-0728 (eglynn@cmtc.com) or Deborah Asher at 310-263-3052 (dasher@cmtc.com)


Future Programs:

Orange County (Irvine, CA) 

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