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Malama Composites, Inc.

Malama Composites manufactures rigid polyurethane foams made from bio-based renewable resources. The resulting AinaCore® panels exhibit high compressive and sheer strength, yielding durable final products. The uniform cell structure and consistent density of our foams shape and surface beautifully. High moisture resistance and dimensional stability makes them an ideal core material for many industrial applications from wind turbine blades to boat hulls, exhibits and stage sets to structural insulated building panels. Unlike petroleum-based alternatives, AinaCore® bio-foams contain no toxic resins or additives. They will not off-gas volatile organic compounds, and can be easily reused or recycled. That is why at Malama Composites we are truly “Green to the Core®.”

Made in California Manufacturer Malama Composites, Inc.

Manufacturer Profile

Company Name:

Malama Composites, Inc.


Plastics & Rubber Products


San Diego, CA

Contact Person:

David Saltman

Phone Number:

(858) 622-9963



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