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Advanced Power & Controls, LLC

Advanced Power & Controls, LLC‰ă˘ manufactures and supplies Power Conversion Equipment meeting the needs of the planet. We provide low cost Frequency Converters with 50HZ to 400HZ output and other power conversion equipment.

Products and Services

We provide 60/50HZ, 60/400HZ and variable output frequency converters and AC Power Sources. We offer electronic and electric motor-generator based frequency converter technology.

Manufacturing Processes

Our electronic frequency converters utilize modern PWM technology for power conversion and RMS digital output metering. All motor-generator models utilize a heavy duty welded steel frame with built-in vibration isolation, enabling the equipment to be fastened directly to the floor.

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Company Name: Advanced Power & Controls,LLC

Category: Electrical Equipment

Location: Santa Ana

Contact Person: Gary Rasmussen

Phone: (714) 540-9010

Email: @



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