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LA Gauge Company

Established in 1954, L.A. Gauge Company is a defense manufacturer of 75 employees. We do ultraprecision and optics manufacturing focused on beryllium and exotic materials. Serving the aerospace and defense industries with reliable, complex, and critical hardware built to print, and work on new programs with R & D needs.

Known primarily for our success in beryllium machining, LA Gauge demonstrates to the market American precision at its best, holding machining tolerances to 0.00004” μ (1 micron), and polishing tolerances to the 0.000000004” Å (1 angstroms).

Products and Services

Proud recipient of the Lockheed Small Business Supplier of the year award in 2017, and known for ultra precision machining of exotic materials and beryllium.

Manufacturing Processes

Machining full service supplier for manufactured complete needs.

Contact this Company

Company Name: LA Gauge Company

Category: Ultra Precision Machining and Optics

Location: Sun Valley

Contact Person: Ruben Olmedo

Phone: 818-767-7193 Ext. 115

Email: @



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