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3DEO, recognized as one of the world's highest volume metal 3D printing companies, is an award-winning design, engineering and manufacturing service specializing in small, complex metal 3D printed components. This end-to-end service interfaces with customers at any stage of the development lifecycle to ensure seamless transitions into production at scale without having to use multiple suppliers for the same part.

Based in Torrance, CA, 3DEO approaches each unique project as a collaborative partnership, taking a holistic view at customers' pain points, objectives and product development needs. Its team of engineers works hand-in-hand with product and engineering teams to ensure designs and functionality are optimized for 3DEO’s award-winning technology from the earliest stages of development through to high volume production.

Products and Services

3DEO's dedicated team of engineers understands the product innovation process, partnering with customers along various points of their product development journey, and helping them launch and scale products with a competitive edge. As innovators themselves, 3DEO is one of the only end-to-end design and manufacturing services that uses its own proprietary technology and automation platform to provide high quality parts that are consistent from first articles through to production at scale. Whether you need in-house design expertise to build prototypes that seamlessly transition to scale or are seeking innovative solutions to a complex supply chain, 3DEO can help.

Areas of expertise:

  • Early-stage design
  • Component functionality optimization
  • Design for Additive Manufacturing
  • Production at scale

Manufacturing Processes

3DEO’s award-winning patented technology, Intelligent Layering®, was designed specifically to tackle the limitations customers face with traditional manufacturing – as well as the challenges and low throughput typically associated with metal 3D printing. Learn more about Intelligent Layering® here.

As a truly end-to-end manufacturing service, 3DEO's metal 3D printing technology in itself is just one piece of the puzzle. Without a holistic approach to production, the overall process will become disjointed, no matter how reliable the printing technology. That's why 3DEO invented the Manufacturing Cloud - its fully automated platform. Learn more about 3DEO's Manufacturing Cloud here.

3DEO primarily specializes in 17-4 PH Stainless Steel. Learn more about its capabilities, and request sample parts here.

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Company Name: 3DEO

Category: Metal 3D Printing, Metal Manufacturing

Location: Torrance

Contact Person: Karl Lind, Director of Sales

Phone: 844-496-3825

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