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Brilliant Group, Inc.

Brilliant was founded in 2007 in Northern California and is defining the future of fluorescent pigments. Brilliant Fluorescent Pigments are used in a wide range of applications such as Paints/Coatings, Inks, Plastics, Textiles and other applications such as Crayons, Paint Balls and Traffic Cones.

What Makes Us Different: Innovations. Our team is steeped in fluorescent pigment technology. We are technical experts, many with over twenty years experience in the world of fluorescent pigments.

Products and Services

  • General Purpose BDP for paper coating, textiles, etc.
  • Solvent Resistent BSR for aerosol paints, etc.
  • Chemical Resistant BMS for migration and plateout resistance.
  • Non-formaldehyde BNF for plastics and other applications
  • Soluble Toners for water (BSTW) and solvent (BSTS)
  • Flexo ink systems
  • Water-based BFE fluorescent emulsions for water flexo and textiles.
  • Unique BIB2 paste ink base for conventional and UV printing
  • Liquid BVD vinyl colorant for traffic cones

Manufacturing Processes

Brilliant's fluorescent ink bases, vinyl colorants, water-based dispersions and UV dispersions are all made in California. The ink bases use a proprietary polymerization technology such that the pigment particle is synthesized within the printing ink vehicle. The other dispersion-based products all use a combination of high-speed mixing/dispersing and proprietary chemical technology.

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Company Name: Brilliant Group, Inc.

Category: Chemical

Location: San Francisco

Contact Person: Darren Bianchi

Phone: 415-771-4757

Email: @


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