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Accurate Dial & Nameplate

Accurate Dial is an award-winning graphic product identification company. Since 1958, we have serviced the aerospace, defense, medical, entertainment and commercial equipment manufacturing industries. We are a four-time Small Business Administration's (SBA) "Administrator's Award For Excellence" winner and ITT Gilfillan "Best Value Supplier", a Lockheed Martin "Key Supplier" and a Northrop Grumman "Small Business Supplier of the Year". Our products include nameplates, gauge faces, ID tags, membrane switch overlays, panels, decals, roll labels and more. They are featured on the such vehicles as the Stealth B2 Bomber, the Bradley Fighting Vehicle, the Ford Saleen Mustang and the Space Shuttle. We hope to have the oppportunity to prove our expertise to your organization in the near future.

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Company Name: Accurate Dial & Nameplate

Category: Metal Coating & Electroplating

Location: Glendale, CA

Contact Person: Erin Dyer, Quality Control Manager


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Accurate Dial & Nameplate: Showing 'Signs' of Success

Although Accurate Dial has always maintained strong relationships with their clients, a significant challenge arose that threatened their ability to serve their customers. Erin Dyer, Quality Control Manager for Accurate Dial, dates the beginning of this challenge back to 2002. “An organization had called us up and asked us to obtain ISO9001/AS9100 certification,” she recounts. ISO9001/AS9100 is a quality management standard for the aerospace industry.