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Allied Modular Building Systems

Allied Modular Building Systems, Inc. is one of the fastest growing modular companies in the commercial building industry. Since the company was established in California in 1989, Allied Modular Building Systems, Inc. has expanded with a third facility in Texas and has ambitions of adding more.

Over the years, Allied Modular Building Systems, Inc. has incorporated a philosophy that has become the foundation to how they do business. It all started in 1989 with a man who had a vision to change the industry, have integrity and produce great quality modular products while providing optimal customer service. So this man built a team and initiated advancement and innovation in the modular building trade. They have taken the lead in the industry by being one of the first to get and maintain the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Classification for raceway products and International Code Council (ICC) approval for some of their structural products. Allied Modular Building Systems, Inc. is also one of the few modular companies that meets the 2008 National Electric Code (NEC) with their UL Classification, and they're always bringing more products to the market to serve the needs of their customers.

Products and Services

Modular Offices
When your business needs demand additional office space, build out and maximize undeveloped floor space or build up. Get a solution that saves time and money while still maximizing space.

Guardhouses & Exterior Buildings
With Allied Modular's Patriot™ Guard Houses & Security Booths you can arrange safety and security anywhere you need it while providing comfort and peace-of-mind to your personnel.

Machine Enclosures
All of Allied Modular's wall systems can be used for EDM (Electronic Discharge Machine) enclosures. We manufacture prefabricated structures, portable enclosures and so much more.

Allied Modular's pre-engineered flush-type UL Classified approved wall system to minimize particle concentration and assure an airtight enclosure assuring you peace-of-mind.

Partitions & Walls
Partition your workspace with Allied Modular's durable, UL Classified, easy to install modular partitions and walls. Enjoy minimal costs and complete functionality with our modular partitions.

Manufacturing Processes

What is a Modular Building?

Modular construction has been around for decades, and most people are familiar with the term. What most aren't aware of is that modular construction is movable, portable and reconfigurable. Whereas traditional construction would haul all the raw materials to the job site and build them there, the modular building process works by fabricating the major building components at a factory. The modular building system typically consists of windows, doors, walls and accessories which are produced using streamlined production methods. These materials are then shipped to the build site where they are efficiently assembled taking far less time than traditional construction and without the headaches of construction mess and disruption.

Our modern modular building systems can be used for a host of different applications that include guardhouses, modular offices, machine enclosures, two- story buildings, conferences, and many other types of rooms and structures.

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Company Name: Allied Modular Building Systems

Category: Fabricated Metal Products

Location: Orange, CA

Contact Person: John Richardson

Phone: 714-922-1600

Email: @



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