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ANT Furnaces Incorporated

ANT FURNACES produces advanced thermal process equipment [industrial furnaces], used in the development and volume production of highly engineered, "materials inspired" products. ANT systems are used in processing High Performance Metals, Technical Ceramics, Single-Crystalline, Optical Glass and Emerging or Next Generation Materials and their processes. Our technical team continues as the same group for 35+ years, and we remain a support principal to numerous critical technologies internationally.

ANT's systems deliver high temperature, ultra-high vacuum and controlled high-purity atmospheres (W/D H2, N2,  Ar).Our designs continue to evolve from our pioneering efforts in industrial furnaces. Competitors and customers have long called us The Ultimate In Thermal Processing, for industries and applications with the most demanding
performance specifications.

Products and Services

  • Equipment: High Temperature, High Vacuum and Atmosphere Industrial Furnaces, Direct Current/ Particle Consolidation Systems, Crystal Growers, Hot Presses, Diffusion Bonders, Refiners, Synthesizers, Reactors, Plasma Spectroscopy, Proprietary and Custom Designs.

  • Technology Consulting: Materials Engineering and Process Development, R&D to Commercialization.

  • Materials: Refractory Metal, Ceramic, Graphite ‰Ű_ consumable replacement hot zones. 

Manufacturing Processes

Replacement consumable refractory metal hot zones fabrication, furnace parts and materials.

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Company Name: ANT Furnaces Incorporated

Category: Machinery

Location: Oxnard

Contact Person: G. Eric Gisonno

Phone: 877-367-2025

Email: @



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