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Aquatic Life, LLC

Aquatic Life manufactures an assortment of consumer-use aquarium equipment. Aquatic Life products are sold through distributors and are available in aquarium stores and pet stores across North America.

The Aquatic Life Expert Series Aquarium Light fixture uses American-Made Cree LED's to produce high PAR with low energy consumption.

Products and Services

The Aquatic Life Expert Series Fixture uses American-Made Cree LED's driven at 78 Watts to produce high PAR with low energy consumption to benefit most corals.

‰Ű˘ High Output American-made Cree LED's produce a spectrum of light designed for growing coral.‰Ű˘ Included suspension hardware makes setup and installation easy without needing to purchase additional parts ‰Ű˘ Downloadable software is available from the web for complete light cycle and color combination programming
‰Ű˘ Easily adjust light to adapt to changing tank environment by programming up to three independent 24 hour light cycles‰Ű˘ Built-in durable components with passive cooling allows for quiet operation ‰Ű˘ Blue side accent panels provide a stylish fixture look during operation
‰Ű˘ Up to 18 programmable color combinations are available to enhance and highlight colors of fish and corals‰Ű˘ Interchangeable 80ĺĄ and 100ĺĄ lenses can focus light intensity for deep water applications‰Ű˘ Front panel indicator vividly displays current operating lighting program
‰Ű˘ Independently control all four colored LED's to tailor lighting to specific needs of tank inhabitants‰Ű˘ Cloud cover and lightning storm programs simulate environments that fish and corals are exposed to in nature‰Ű˘ Modular components with quick disconnects simplify fixture upgrades and part replacement
‰Ű˘ Included remote easily controls multiple light cycle programs and lighting effects‰Ű˘ Connect direct to your computer with the included USB cable to setup and custom program the fixture ‰Ű˘ Automatic multi-input power supply is compatible with both 110v and 220v outlets
 ‰Ű˘ Large LED mounting area distributes light throughout the entire aquarium  ‰Ű˘ cULus approved power supply meets the highest quality standards. 

Manufacturing Processes

Assembly of aquarium light fixtures using LED's and circuit boards made in the USA with imported components.

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Company Name: Aquatic Life, LLC

Category: Fabricated Metal Products

Location: South El Monte

Contact Person: Michael Elliott

Phone: (818) 768-6943

Email: @


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