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ARTO Brick and CA Pavers

ARTO Brick and CA Pavers handcrafts high performance concrete and quarry clay products. Founded 50 years ago by Arto, the company is a second generation manufacturer in Los Angeles County which is now run by Arto's two sons.

Products and Services

High performance concrete and quarry clay products.

We coined the phrase " Rustic Elegance."

Manufacturing Processes

Handcrafted made-to-order products.

The vast majority of raw materials are locally sourced to minimize transportation impacts and our cement is supplied by an Energy Star Certified factory. All products include varying amounts of recycled content and all packaging is manufactured with recycled or reclaimed materials.

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Company Name: ARTO Brick and CA Pavers

Category: Nonmetallic Mineral Products

Location: Gardena

Contact Person: Armen Alajian

Phone: 310-768-8500

Email: @


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