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ASC Process Systems

ASC Process Systems, with locations worldwide and over 250 employees, is the leading manufacturer of energy efficient and high performance aerospace composite bonding autoclave systems, ASME pressure vessels for the nuclear fuels industry, glass laminating autoclaves, concrete curing autoclaves, large composite bonding ovens, and the CPC (Composite Processing Control) system for autoclaves and ovens. ASC Process Systems is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company with multiple ASME and National Board code stamps, UL certification, and manufacturing licenses in China and South Korea.

Products and Services

Autoclave Systems, Thermal Control Systems, Composite Bonding Autoclaves

Manufacturing Processes

ASME pressure vessel / Autoclave engineering, fabrication, and manufacturing

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Company Name: ASC Process Systems

Category: Machinery

Location: Valencia

Contact Person: Sam Spence

Phone: (818) 833-0088

Email: @


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