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Atmos Precision

Atmos Precision is a Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining and prototype company in Garden Grove, CA. Our highly skilled and trained machinists make production runs of parts made from a wide variety of materials for clients nationwide. We can do part and mold design for the plastic industry along with mold building.

We are a 100% women and minority-owned business.

Products and Services

  • CNC milling and turning
  • Production and prototype services
  • Plastic part and mold design
  • Drilling services
  • Grinding services
  • Mold making
We use the following materials:  Aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, plastic, steel, titanium, and more.

Manufacturing Processes

Our CNC Mills and CNC Lathe enhance our machining capabilities and are perfect for your short and long run machining and prototype part needs.

We also have secondary support equipment that helps maintain quality while doing secondary operations on certain component.

In addition, we have EDM sinker machine services, manual mills, lathe and grinders ‰ŰŇ all the basic shop equipment needed. We're also willing to acquire more equipment to accommodate your specific manufacturing needs.

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Company Name: Atmos Precision

Category: Machine Shops

Location: Garden Grove

Contact Person: John DiCaprio

Phone: 877-480-8047 | 714-248-7041

Email: @



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