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Audeze is a high-end audio headphone manufacturer based in Costa Mesa, CA. We delivers the most accurate sound reproduction available today. Our commitment to research and development is reflected in our made-in-the-USA products. Established in 2009 we have grown from a garage based startup to one of the most innovative audio companies in the past few years.

Products and Services

Beautifully-finished and equally beautiful-sounding, deliciously smooth, unambiguously stable and accurate imaging with a lack of coloration in the midrange and treble. Spoke cleanly and evenly in the bass with no doubling." JOHN ATKINSON, STEREOPHILE

"The sense of space is enormous, sounding more like speakers in a room than drivers next to your ears." GEOFFREY MORRISON

FORBES: "Redefining the State of the Art."

"The Audeze LCD2 may be the best-sounding full-size headphone on the planet." STEVE GUTTENBERG, CNET

Audeze LCD-X is selected as one of the Ten Best Audio Products of 2013. "Simply put, it's my favorite headphone ever." BRENT BUTTERWORTH, ABOUT.COM

"They're like a Ferrari for your ears." MANTRACK PLAYBOY

"These headphones are designed to perfectly reproduce recordings." MARIO AGUILAR, GIZMODO.COM

"One word: impressive. No, make that most impressive." DANNY KAEY, HIFISTATEMENT.NET

Manufacturing Processes

Manufacturing headphones and audio products.


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Company Name: Audeze

Category: Computer & Electronic Products

Location: Costa Mesa

Contact Person: Sankar Thiagasamudram

Phone: 714-581-8010

Email: @


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