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B.M.W. Precision Machining

B.M.W Precision Machining offers full service fabrication and assembly for the medical, electronics and commercial industries. Clients count on us for precision high volume manufacturing, hand assembly and R&D prototyping. 

From concept to final delivery, we listen carefully to your needs,  then dedicate the time, expertise and passion necessary to consistently exceed your expectations.

At B.M.W Precision, we don't give estimates or ballpark quotes. Instead we look at every detail of your job requirements up front. We've found that our clients prefer to work this way, and we agree. It eliminates surprises down the line and makes the entire job
progress more smoothly. We offer suggestions for cost savings, and can procure all materials, hardware, and in-house tooling, if necessary. This helps you save time and money. Expect to receive a firm, reliable quote within 48 hours or less.

Products and Services

State of the art shop floor.

Conventional machines. By maintaining our conventional capabilities, B.M.W Precision can fulfill all tooling requirements in-house, including fixtures, gages and special tooling.

Hand and high volume assembly. Whether you need a single R&D prototype or thousands of parts, B.M.W precision's cost effective turnkey services include material and hardware procurement.

Manufacturing Processes

Our QA inspectors work with Coordinate Measuring Machines, Surface Plates, and GageMaster Shadowgraph Comparators as well as gages traceable to the National Bureau of Standards.

Statistical process control is standard on every job in all affected axis. Visual inspection is also a critical step in the process to ensure burr-free parts. We control and track each job using computer-generated manufacturing lot numbers with bar codes, for better traceability.

Ongoing training of our talented QA team and upgrading of QA equipment helps preserve our rigorous standards and outstanding acceptance rate.

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Company Name: B.M.W. Precision Machining

Category: Machine Shops

Location: Oceanside

Contact Person: Alejandra Roque

Phone: 760-439-6813

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