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Bounce Composites

Bounce Composites was born from an understanding that thermoplastic composites are inherently better than thermoset composites. Let's look at the facts. Thermoplastic composites are more durable. They have faster manufacturing cycle times. They require less labor and have a process and product with a smaller environmental footprint. What does this mean? It means Bounce Composites can build better products at competitive prices and we can do it here, in California.

Bounce found its niche in processing relatively large continuous fiber thermoplastic parts, including hollow and core-filled objects. These hollow products are not built of two halves, but are truly single parts without a seam.

Our goal is to work with industry-leading companies with whom we find a kinship - a synergy between their products and our technology. Our desire is for long-term relationships where we invest in each other and make our partnerships as successful and competitive as possible.

We invite you to bring us your products, problems, and questions.

Together, let's discover what we can accomplish.

Products and Services

Bounce SUP‰ă˘ is Bounce Composites'ĺ¨ initial project. Using Bounce Technology to create the toughest, highest performing stand up paddle boards on the market. All the boards are hand crafted in California using Thermal Composite Technology ‰ŰŇ a new category of paddle craft that sets previously unknown standards for comfort, stability, dry ride and versatility.

Deck mounted on fore and aft tracks, the patented adjustable ergonomically designed seat and leaning post combination allows you to paddle or fish from a supported standing position or from a seated position. Whether you want to cruise, fish, or just relax, you must try the Cruiserboard.

Manufacturing Processes

Molding, fabrication

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Company Name: Bounce Composites

Category: Chemical

Location: Oceanside

Contact Person: Parker Westfall

Phone: 760-473-0360

Email: @


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