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Buddha Teas

At Buddha Teas, we strive to create teas that do more than satisfy a thirst. Our teas use fresh, high quality ingredients to explore nature's best qualities and enrich the lives of tea drinkers everywhere. The fresh, organic herbs and tea leaves allow our teas to stay pure and natural, free from chemicals, preservatives and added flavoring. Our minimal processing and eco-friendly packaging helps to honor and protect the earth with every tea we make. This is our promise to you ‰ŰŇ that every sip provides you with the very best nature has to offer.

Products and Services

While everyone enjoys a classic cup of green or black tea, one of the best creations to come from the immense world of teas is the tea blend. With such a broad diversity of herbs, spices and other tea ingredients available, tea blending offers near-limitless possibilities for creating and customizing something new, unique and truly personal. This line presents some of our finest ingredients in our own custom created blends, offering what we feel is the very best of our collection in every cup.

Manufacturing Processes

Located in Carlsbad California Buddha Teas understands the importance of purity. While most consumer products today are processed and packaged beyond recognition, our goal is to get back to the natural. We offer 100% unaltered, organic and wildcraft teas made from the freshest herbs, carefully packaged in only bleach free tea bags. Our customers take comfort in knowing that they can enjoy a cup of tea without any harmful additives or toxins, and with our ever-growing collection of natural teas, each customer can choose a tea that perfectly matches their needs.

*With our "Tea for Trees" campaign we're also taking action to make our philosophy of using environmentally conscious products and practices a reality. By teaming up with National Forest Foundation's ‰ŰĎTrees for US‰Ű we offset the use of paper in our tea bags by planting 5, 000 new trees each year.

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Company Name: Buddha Teas

Category: Food Manufacturing

Location: Carlsbad

Contact Person: John Boyd

Phone: 800-642-3754

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