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Calmar Laser

Calmar Laser is an ISO 9001:2015 manufacturer of innovative ultrafast fiber laser and fiber amplifier solutions for the needs of industry, research institutions and universities. Since 1996, Calmar Laser has been established as a leading supplier and reliable OEM partner for advanced high-speed test and measurement applications, optical communications, component characterization, transmission, biomedicine and micromachining. Calmar is noted for creating fiber lasers designed for reliable digital control, especially valuable in OEM applications.

Products and Services

Calmar fiber laser systems can reliably generate clean optical pulses less than 100 fs, with repetition rates from KHz to 640 GHz, average power up to 10 Watts, and single pulse energies up to 20 µJ. Fiber lasers are available at several wavelengths from 515 to 1850 nm. With over 25 years of extensive picosecond and femtosecond fiber laser expertise, Calmar is a leader in pioneering the frontier technology of ultrafast fiber lasers.

Manufacturing Processes

Calmar's unique fiber optic technology platform produces highly reliable products with high performance in terms of short pulse width, high peak power, compact and excellent beam quality. Fiber lasers have a gain medium based on a doped fiber structure that does not suffer diffraction and is guided through a robust waveguide. This gives a fiber laser advantages in term of high reliability, high efficiency, and compactness to meet cutting-edge industrial standards.

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Company Name: Calmar Laser

Category: Telephone Apparatus Manufacturing

Location: Palo Alto

Contact Person: Claire Chen

Phone: 650-272-6980

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