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CAYLYM Technologies International LLC

Because we believe we can help save a home from the destruction of a wildfire. We all live in or near areas where wildfires have ravaged neighborhoods, forests and the environment. We have seen first-hand the destruction, pain and personal devastation caused by wildfires and we want to contribute to a safe, simple and cost effective solution. We each have some aspect of experience, expertise or training to contribute to this purpose.

This is who we are and why Caylym is here.

Products and Services

BullWorks Rapid Barrier System
A modular, rapid deployment solution for a fast flood or utility barrier. Requiring 10% of the manpower and 10% of the time of traditional sandbag barrier, the BullWorks is the perfect, cost-effective, augment to emergency responses where resources are limited and a time is critical.
Fontana Potable Water System
The Caylym Fontana delivers fresh water in a strong, easy to handle, food grade container. Deploying into a cubic yard sized corrugated paper-based liquid bulk container, the Fontana holds 275 gallons of water and can be transported by a standard size pickup truck.
Guardian Aerial Firefighting System
Guardian provides a responsive, safe, and accurate new method to take on the ever-present threat of wildfires. Designed with our environment in mind, the Guardian is a crate sized water container that deploys from a common cargo plane.

Manufacturing Processes

Multipurpose Packaging Solutions
Caylym packaging has more than 50 years of collective experience in meeting your packaging needs. From high performance RSC‰ŰŞs and die cuts with high quality graphics to agricultural and produce markets, including bulk bins, Caylym has packaging to meet your needs.

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Company Name: CAYLYM Technologies International LLC

Category: Corrugated Box Mfg: Products for Firefighting

Location: Fresno

Contact Person: Rick Goddard

Phone: 209.322.9596

Email: @


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