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Cellotape Inc.

Cellotape Inc. has been a leading manufacturer of premium quality labels for over 60 years. They have proved to be the best, most trusted source of innovative labels, overlay panels, nameplates, and components to customers in the Technology, Electronics and Medical industries. With updated equipment, they are able to produce High Definition Flexo printing, that combines high resolution and advanced screening, resulting in images with 4000 pixels per inch. They also pioneered incorporating Near Field Communication technology with their labels. This latest technology allows consumers to bring marketing to life.  Cellotape Inc. proves that “Anything is possible,” and will continue to strive in doing what is best for their customer.

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Company Name: Cellotape Inc.

Category: Printing

Location: Fremont, CA

Contact Person: Pete Offermann, President

Phone: 510-651-5551

Email: @