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Ecogate is the most advanced industrial ventilation control system in the world.

Our patented system typically achieves energy savings of over 60% compared to typical systems. We have been in continuous operation since 1997, and have over 1, 000 installations in the woodworking, printing, food processing, automotive and aerospace industries. The system uses sensors, motorized blast gates, variable speed drives and an intelligent control system to provide on-demand exhaust with significant energy savings. Because of its significant energy savings, the Ecogate system qualifies for many incentives and rebates from local utilities.

Ecogate has installations in North America and Mexico, Europe, and Australia and New Zealand.

Products and Services

Industrial dust collection and ventilation in the woodworking, printing, welding, metalworking, pharmaceutical, food processing and other industries.

Manufacturing Processes

Sheet metal manufacturing, electronics etc.

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Company Name: Ecogate

Category: Electrical Equipment

Location: North Hollywood, CA

Contact Person: Matthew Rodriguez

Phone: 818-506-6016

Email: @


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