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Energy Transformation Systems, Inc. (ETS)

Energy Transformation Systems, Inc. (ETS) is the pioneer designer, manufacturer and supplier of high quality premium baluns, balun panels, adapters and converters – continuously manufacturing since 1967. Most ETS products are passive and leave no carbon footprint, thus making your installations a green technology. Energy Transformation Systems, Inc. is one of the oldest and most established companies in Silicon Valley, with a catalog of more than 400 products for the professional audio, video, a/v, testing, and filmmaking communities.

We are a woman-owned supplier of high-performance communications wiring products, and professional high-end consumer-grade audio, video, and data-wiring products. All products are 100% tested and guaranteed. ETS designs, manufactures, and markets electronic devices that aid in conducting signals and maintaining signal integrity over Cat5, coaxial, twisted pair, and similar cables. These ETS solutions are installed in broadcast facilities, Broadway theaters, corporate offices, government and military installations, shopping malls, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, “smart” homes, worship centers, meeting halls, outdoor displays, hotels, airports, train stations, public transportation systems, and tradeshow displays, to name just a few.


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Company Name: Energy Transformation Systems, Inc. (ETS)

Category: Computer & Electronic Products

Location: Fremont, CA

Contact Person: Trudy Andresen

Phone: 510-656-2012

Email: @


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