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Feeder Finger

At Feeder Finger we prefer to look at it all through the prism of Productivity. Our products help you achieve greater equipment utilization, enhance your throughput with greater levels of efficiency and enable better use of your production hours.

Our mission is to design innovative products that save cost and improve efficiency on the production floor. With the Feeder Finger solution attached to your existing OEM feeders, you can save cost and eliminate waste by purchasing near the exact number of components required for each job without the concerns of effectively feeding strips of component tape. Feeder Finger also offers a highly efficient way to run prototypes, one-offs, and NPI processes.

Feeder Finger is proud of its desire and ability to continue building its products in the United States. As many manufacturers have looked overseas to reduce their build costs, Feeder Finger understands the importance of having its manufacturing close at hand to ensure product quality and time to market. Automation Technical Services continues to solve problems for Surface Mount Technology manufacturers, designing products that work with equipment from the top suppliers in the industry. Our goal is to make your company more profitable by removing roadblocks in SMT manufacturing.

Company History: In the early 2000s, founder Kelvin Wiley discovered an opportunity to solve a problem for manufacturers who were using Quad / Tyco Pick & Place machines, which at the time weren't compatible with the newer 0201 components. Wiley was well familiar with the equipment, having previously been an Applications Engineer at Quad for seven years. He founded ATS and designed the SlimPro / Standard Pro Feeders, which became available in 2002, enabling SMT manufacturers to extend the life of their investment in the Quad / Tyco platform by making it compatible with 0201 components.

During the design phase of the SlimPro / Standard Pro Feeders, ATS also began servicing and reconditioning Speedline MPM / AccuFlex Printers, overhauling them and bringing these much-used pieces of SMT manufacturing equipment up to date and up to current standards.

Our team members have an insider's knowledge of the problems SMT manufacturers face. We also have the unique skill sets in all areas of factory automation, including product design, fabrication, assembly, installation, and service, to address those problems with innovative solutions. We are committed to delivering products and services that exceed customer requirements and expectations.

Products and Services

The Cut Tape Feeder Finger is designed to improve the efficiency of your existing feeders by significantly reducing changeover and setup times. Simply push the tape-and-reel components into the Feeder Finger and index the feeder. The first component is ready to be picked. With the Feeder Finger you will cut loading and unloading times to a fraction of the loading time for conventional feeders. The Feeder Finger also handles cut tape with ease and eliminates splicing and the use of strip feeders.

  • The SlimPro, Standard Pro and Leaderless Tape Feeders from Automation Technical Services solve the problem of accommodating your 0201 SMT component requirements with existing Quad/Tyco assembly equipment platforms.
  • The SlimPro, Standard Pro and Leaderless Feeders are designed to accurately pick 0201 and 0402 components in 2mm pitch tape to within +/- .003, can be programmed for 8x2mm or 8x4mm, are shipped with a certificate of repeatability and are guaranteed repeatable for life. All ATS Feeders are compatible and completely interchangeable with ALL Quad Tyco assembly equipment platforms.
  • Our 1500 and AccuFlex Screen Printers have been reconditioned to perform better then the factory specifications. Each system is upgraded with a new industrial grade P4 computer running Windows XP and the latest version of printer software. We have made minor design improvements on some mechanical aspects of the printer to make it a more robust platform. These changes improve on an already solid design concept and will provide for many more years of trouble free production with maximum uptime.

As an additional service to our customers, Automation Technical Services also reconditions the existing Quad Tyco Feeders you use in the manufacturing process. Our trained technicians know these products inside and out and can bring your worn-out Quad Tyco feeders back to like-new condition. Please Contact Us for details on estimates and turnaround for this service.

Manufacturing Processes

Design, Fabrication

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Company Name: Feeder Finger

Category: Machinery

Location: San Diego

Contact Person: Kelvin Wiley

Phone: 619-302-6970

Email: @


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