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FTG Circuits

We are a manufacturer of technology-driven aerospace and defense circuit boards using the highest ethics standards - honesty, integrity, respect and responsibility to improve business performance and enable growth.  Our intent is to give our customers "one stop shopping availability".

Our Vision:  To be a global PWB supplier with the direction of Pride in Partnership and with the Passion to Perform.

Manufacturing Processes

FTG produces many type PWB’s using Epoxy, Polyimide, Thermount, Ceramic, Flex, Teflon type materials. Within these type base materials we produce PWB’s such as; HDI, sequential lamination, micro vias, high layer count up to 40 layers, Impedance, Buried Resistors, Buried Capacitance, Farad flex, Rigid Flex, RF, Thermal Management PWB’s with all types of metals; metal cores, core bonding, heatsinks, metal back, CIC and heavy layer oz copper as well as other unique designs. 

FTG has many certifications and are as follows; MIL-PRF-55110 for GF GI & BI, MIL-P-50884 Adhesiveless, Space Certified, IPC-6012, IPC-6013, IPC-6016, IPC-6018 and AS9100C. Forthcoming is MIL-P-31032.

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Company Name: FTG Circuits

Category: Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing

Location: Chatsworth, CA

Contact Person: Kurt Summa

Phone: Phone: (818) 407-4024 ext. 2211

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